That Rare Free Friday

|Kick’N Some Brass with Dr. Brice Miller:| What Had Happened Was… Lady and her husband flew to New Orleans, Uber’d to Frenchmen to see me perform. Got to Spotted Cat and found out I wasn’t performing, wife passed out. Husband rushed to her aid, asked what happened; “Baby, Dr. Miller ain’t playing tonight. He’s chilling with his family.” He passed out too! Paramedics were called to the scene… Current situation. City Tourism Commissioner asked if I could come say hello to them. I’m off tonight, chilling with my family!

#soneworleans #iambricemiller #sexychocolate #sexychocolatetrumpetplayingman #neworleans #nutrad #cityofculture @wwoz_neworleans @wwltv @news_with_a_twist @nbc @gambitneworleans @offbeatmagazine @theneworleansmusic @neworleansandco #cityofculture #jazzman #america

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