“Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie is a jazz-a-phonic kaleidoscope of musical energy that inspires dancing in an atmosphere of celebration.” –– Louis B. Armstrong


Louis Armstrong popularized the sounds of New Orleans traditional jazz throughout the world, and 100 years later, that distinctive music remains popular. Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie takes those songs, and the relaxed vibe of traditional jazz and updates the music with an urgency and hipness of today, making it both fun and relevant. And according to their monthly sold-out performances on popular Frenchmen Street, audiences love the new sounds of New Orleans that Twisted Dixie offers. Corporate clients have too commented on how Twisted Dixie provides a perfect blend of authenticity and modernity. No boring sleepy time down south kinda vibe here, no, Twisted Dixie is the FUNKiest and most danceable jazz in New Orleans––and probably America!


We perform a modern style of traditional jazz developed by Dr. Brice Miller called NuTrad. In short, NuTrad is fun, funky and all about the groove. By this we mean, WE MAKE PEOPLE DANCE! Twisted Dixie brings a sense of modernity to the song book of traditional jazz which has made New Orleans jazz so loved world wide. The difference for us is that we bring in elements of pop music, hip hop, go-go, swing, dub-step and free jazz, then stew it in a musical gumbo that has allowed us to developed the most unique musical style in New Orleans. In doing so, Twisted Dixie has become one of the most talked about groups. With a loyal following, our monthly shows at the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street are not only sold out, there’s normally a line down the street with people trying to get in to experience what is the most unique sound in all of New Orleans. In short, we make old New Orleans tunes young and fun again.


So, according to ethnomusicologyical histograhies, Ecirb Müller is one of New Orleans most influential, yet mysterious and elusive of all of the city’s great jazzmen. Born circa 1886 and rumored to have benefited from a pill of “immortal humanoid longevity” he received from a Creole mistress is was supposedly a decent of Claudé Tremé, Ecirb Müller is also the longest living jazz musician––last seen in November 2014 living amongst a community a maroons deep in the swamps of New Orleans East, west of the West Bank. Ecirb taught Louis Armstrong whenever he’d visit his Aunt Lucile Dogwater on Perdido Street; he taught Buddy Bolden whenever he’d visit his uncle Shirley Whiteshoes Uptown on 2nd Street; he taught all the Creole musicians down in Treme, including Danny Barker on Sundays after church service at St. Augustine while his cousins N’Them would prepare large quantities of alligator stew pasta for all the neighbors who paid their Social Aid and Pleasure Club dues on time. This story goes on for ever and ever…

Born to two parents aboard the Queen Mary cruise-liner adrift at the equator because an engine rod blew after the Captain shifted the drive into full thrust trying to avoid what appeared to be a headless Loc-Ness Monster in the middle of the Atlantic on a mid-summer August night. Ecirb is historically accurate as the first international jazz musician. Technically, because when he leapt from his mother’s womb, its rumored that he was whistling Dixie. But more than a musician, Ecirb Müller was a politician, the first licensed deer hunter, a military metal wearer, lover of ladies, women, domestics, a seamstress, automotive engineer, forest ranger, indoor plumbing inspector, and was considered the Booker T. Washington of New Orleans inventors. These are but a few of the reasons Ecirb Müller is so renowned and great. But this story can easily go on for ever and ever…

Though it sounds corny, we are almost like a tribute band, but are not actually a tribute band. In essence, we’re like a tribute band because in physical form Ecirb Müller is often times NOT on stage with us. However, after all the band musicians DNA test came back from the Pan-Euro-Africanna-Carribean-Emanicipation-Proclamation Society of Kindred Family Souls, we learned–that as rumored–all the band members are indeed related! So yes, we are also New Orleans’ newest family band, following in the tradition of the Nevilles, Marsalis’, Batiste, Andrew’s, Bartholomew and Armstrong’s. You see, what had happened was… However, this story goes on for ever and ever…


  • David “Captain Frog Boom Boom” Wallace –– Drums/Percussion
  • Ed “Albino Red aka President of Mormonicity” Barret––Guitar, Band Dancer
  • Robert “Olympic Silver Metalist” Harris––Trombone, Vocals
  • Dr. James “Jimbo Captain NASA” Walsh––Bass/Piano
  • Dr. Brice “AlwaysChill aka DaddyLongStroke” Miller –– Trumpet, Slide Trumpet, Vocals
Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie is composed of some of the finest and most diverse musicians in New Orleans. From classically trained to gospel church all-stars, the success of the EMTD brand is the diversity and far-reaching skill-sets of the musicians. Important to note is that we are the only band in New Orleans with all the members of the ensemble are teachers, including three Dr’s who are university professors. Hence, EMTD is not only the FUNkiest traditional jazz band in America, but also the most professional in the essence of being a professional!
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