We Are Twisted Dixie

The FUNkiest Traditional Jazz in America!

“Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie is a jazz-a-phonic kaleidoscope of musical energy that inspires dancing in an atmosphere of celebration.” –– Louis B. Armstrong

Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie (EMTD) brings a sense of modernity to the song book of traditional jazz which has made New Orleans jazz so loved world wide. They have developed a brand of jazz all their own called NuTrad. The essence of twisting dixie is the combining various genres and musical elements, including pop, hip hop, go-go, swing, dub-step and free jazz. Just fathom, Kendrick Lamar, Louis Armstrong’s “Pennies from Heaven,” with a James Brown breakbeat! That’s that EMTD sound. EMTD stews it all together in their uniquely branded musical gumbo, which has helped them to developed the most unique (and fun!) musical and entertainment experience in New Orleans.

EMTD has become one of the most talked about performing ensembles in New Orleans. They were also recently voted #1 Sunday performance on Frenchmen Street. Their weekly shows at Cafe Negril (every Sunday, 6-9:30pm) is the hottest party on the famous music strip, and EMTD’s monthly shows at the Spotted Cat are not only usually sold out, there’s normally a line down the street with people trying to get in to experience what is the most unique sound in all of New Orleans. In short, EMTD makes listening to old New Orleans jazz FUN again.

Check it out for yourself…

EMTD provides a perfect blend of authenticity and modernity, fun and vibrancy. No boring sleepy time down south kinda vibe here. No, EMTD is the FUNKiest and most danceable jazz in New Orleans––and probably America! As a bonus, EMTD is the ONLY band in New Orleans with three Dr’s performing!!

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