Christina Aguilera vs. Musicians in New Orleans

PLEASE NOTE: What had happened was…

After a 14-hour band meeting, we, Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie have decided, moving forward, throughout our performances, including our super popular #GetLuckySundayJazzyAssDanceParty, we will make periodic announcements asking: Is Christina Aguilera and/or any other such artist in the audience? If so, are you seeking an opportunity to sing and/or perform with our band?

The last time this had happened, according to Ecirb Müller was in 1884 when the Hungarian Royal Opera House of Budapest descended on New Orleans and demanded to play with Buddy Bolden, using his band member’s instruments, at Mahogany Hall.

Now I’m sure this might agitate audience members who simply want to enjoy our fine FUNky ass music, but we want to be sure not to ignore nor unknowingly embarrass any rich celebrity artist, then be called “snobs,” or have folk yelling, “y’all missed such an awesome opportunity.” You know, because those New Orleans musicians who performed with Solange on Saturday Night Live, well, their lives have improved so much; they’re all driving Porche’s and live in Eastover now!


Ecirb Müller aka The Inventor of Jass, Jazz, and BAM

Check out Ecirb new custom hybrid prototype Jazzmobile…

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